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The first 3d tool to help with renovation and sale 

Imagine, design & renovate

Pourquoi OmniCity

Boost the attractiveness of your ads

Our service allows you to instantly visualize the potential of your properties and thus greatly improve the attractiveness of your ads.

Stand out from competition

In a competitive and tense real estate market, it has become important to offer differentiating services with high added value.

Reduce your sales lead times

Many properties generate many unsuccessful visits with significant sales delays while they benefit from interesting potential.

À propos

How it works

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quickly a personalized pre-costed housing plan for the property in question. This can help potential buyers more easily visualize layout options and better understand renovation costs.


multiple housing plan options for the same property. Offer more choice and flexibility to buyers. Increase interest in the property and reduce time to sell

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Edition meuble salon.jpg


your properties to help your buyers easily visualize the layout of the furniture and the space that will be occupied. Help your customers reduce renovation costs, by offering buyers to keep or replace existing furniture with referenced and pre-priced furniture


with your buyers an estimate of the work costs of all your choices and options.

Comment ça marche

“Switch to renovation 3.0 to sell quickly”


Qui sommes-nous ?

OmniCity est avant tout une équipe d'architectes et d'ingénieurs passionnés de technologie. Nous sommes fiers d'offrir à nos clients un service d'aide à la rénovation 3.0, conçu pour soutenir les professionnels de l'immobilier. Chaque jour, nous nous efforçons de vous offrir un service plus performant, flexible et rapide. Notre engagement est de toujours aller au-delà de vos attentes.

Demande de démo
Demo request

To schedule a product demo with one of our representatives, please complete the form

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Tél : +33 06 20 71 52 34

STATION F, 5 Parv. Alan Turing

75013 Paris, France

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